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Every bride possesses a unique essence, and my expertise lies in unveiling the beauty that is exclusively yours.

Through eight years of wedding photography & videography experience, I’ve come to realise that while replicating the composition might make the photos aesthetically pleasing, it also runs the risk of making them somewhat generic. This led me to shift my approach towards recognizing the distinctiveness of each bride, aiming to capture moments that are impossible to duplicate.

I started observing and capturing the individuality of each bride, moving away from traditional composition principles. This shift allows my photos to have minimal intentional composition, enabling them to be more natural, harmonious, and rich in the subject’s unique emotions and personal style.

I understand the excitement of newlyweds waiting for their wedding photos. However, every time I finish a wedding shoot, I’m more excited to dive into reviewing the photos.

Sometimes, even after finishing a shoot in the middle of the night, I eagerly scroll through the day’s captures on my computer. I can’t wait to see the final edited image than anyone else.

So, you will see your wedding photos within a week :)